TBUS Cooling Neck Wrap

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Just soak this cooling neck wrap in water for all day cooling. While
soaking, the non-toxic, super absorbent polymers sewn inside the middle
chamber, absorb hundreds of times their weight in water, keeping the
wearer cool all day through the process of evaporation. No ice or
refrigeration is required, making them easy to take on the go, anywhere!
Perfect for outdoor activities and events such as sports, workouts,
construction, charity walks/runs, fishing, hunting, camping, working
outside, hiking, biking, festivals, fairs, concerts, and more! 

Easy to Use
Just Soak in Water
Use Anywhere It’s Hot
No Ice or Refrigeration
Instructions Printed Directly on Product
All Day Cooling
Reusable Over & Over
Dip In Water to Refresh
Secures With Snap